Geo-optimization supporting your activity

10-30% higher productivity

More appointments, fewer journeys, less unproductive time

High quality customer service

More flexibility and punctuality, shorter customer service slots, higher rates of service delivery fulfillment

Better working conditions

Evenly distributed workload, less stress and fewer accidents, lower staff turn-over

Environmentally friendly approach

Lower mileage and fuel consumption,
reduced carbon footprint 

Geographic optimization improves efficiency in the field

Integrating business process characteristics and geographic constraints has an immediate impact on mobile efficiency: geo-optimization results in optimized and more profitable delivery, call or customer service schedules.

Geo-optimization combines powerful algorithms with mastery of geographical information technologies.


   Mobile optimization solutions streamline your activity before, during and after movements occur, whatever the business.

Opti-Time for Salesforce: geo-optimization at the very heart of Salesforce ©

With Opti-Time for Salesforce, implement the geographic optimization features relevant to your activity in Salesforce ©. © is a registered trade mark of

GEOCONCEPT also offers a sophisticated scheduling solution, Opti-Time, that works with Opti-Time for Salesforce, via a dedicated connection set up specially for your business, to enhance performance via a web service.
GEOCONCEPT offers support services to assist you as you implement geo-optimization in your organization.

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Opti-Time range

Geo-optimized scheduling software suite

  • Full web solution
  • Real-time, multi-constraint optimization

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Manage your mobile resources' calendars in the field

  • Extension of the Opti-Time suite
  • Available on Apple, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets 

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Field service management application

  • 100% integrated with
  • Available on the AppExchange

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