View several accounts / contacts on a map

Basic principles

Opti-Time for Salesforce geolocates a series of accounts or contacts selected in a Map view tab on a map.     


Accounts or contacts must be geocoded before they can be seen on a map. Consult Opti-Time Help to see how to geocode a series of accounts / contacts.   


> Accounts / Contacts  

In Opti-Time for Salesforce you can display several accounts / contacts on one map. To do this:  

1.   Display the view you prefer to use (for example: My accounts to visit) and select the accounts/contacts to geolocate. To select all the accounts/contacts on the list, check the left-hand check-box at the top of the list of the Action column.  

2.   Click next on View Map.

The map then displays all the items selected previously from that map view:

The accounts / contacts are automatically displayed on the map, and a series of tools allow you to optimise information browsing:

  • Click on a map marker to open the form for the account / contact or to see the map position in Google Street View 

  • Click on an account / contact in the right-hand list to roll out the infobox associated to the account / contact. You can configure the fields contained in the infoboxes via the Administration tab (see the Administration section in Opti-Time for Salesforce Help)
  • Click on the " + " magnifier to the right of the name in the infobox and you can zoom in on each account / contact individually.  
  • Click on the " - " magnifier to return to the global view.

Options on the map

As with all interactive maps supplied with Opti-Time for Salesforce, you can easily:

  • zoom-in or zoom-out with the mouse wheel and pan the map by clicking and dragging in the map;
  • use the Layers icon at the lower right-hand edge of the map to:

    • display the map background of your choice (Map, Satellite, Terrain)
    • display the road network status (Traffic conditions)
    • display the public transport network (Public transport)
    • display traffic incidents (Display traffic incidents)                                   


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