View a customer / contact on a map

Basic principles

Opti-Time for Salesforce allows you to geolocate a customer / contact on a map.  The geolocation can be applied to an object, from the object’s data form.  

Preparation needed

To be seen on a map, the contact must have been geocoded beforehand. Consult Opti-Time Help to find out how to geolocate / geocode a customer / contact or geocode several customers / contacts.


> Customers / Contacts tab

Opti-Time for Salesforce adds a mapping display module to each customer or contact form allowing you to geolocate them precisely on a map.    

This interactive map is extremely easy to navigate:

  • Zoom-in or zoom-out using the mouse wheel, or pan the map by clicking-moving in the map;
  • Using the Layers icon at the bottom right of the map:

    • Display your preferred map background  (MapSatelliteTerrain)
    • Display road traffic status (Traffic conditions)
    • Display the public transport network (Public transport)
    • Display traffic incidents (Display traffic incidents)     


Click once on the map marker to display an infobox (popup). From this infobox, click on See on Street View to see the corresponding address:

Click once on this link to open a Google Street View in a new window:

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