Validating the sectorization

Basic principles

Once the sectorization has been applied, you will need to assign the sectors generated to the resources to whom the accounts belonging to a particular sector will be affiliated.

Opti-Time will subsequently replace the value of the Owner field for the account with that of the sector of affiliation.


> Sectorization > Validating

Each sector created must be affiliated to a resource. In each name bar, write the name of the resource to whom the accounts must be affiliated.

Warning! When you click on Validate, the ID values of the previous Owners are overwritten by the new values. Do not click on Validate unless you are sure you want the new sectorization and assignment of customer accounts in the place of the old ones.

> Sectorization > Validating > Custom permissions (SalesForce configuration)

Securing sector validation - activating Custom permission

To secure utilisation of this function, and prevent any accidents that update all assignments for an account, you can activate a Custom permission on the profile or on the permission set group Salesforce function.

This way you can limit the ability to validate a sectorization to just those with the relevant expertise for all the organisation’s staff!
To apply this operation, go into the Salesforce setup, search for Profiles under Quick search, and then click on the target profile (profile linked to users responsible for sectorization: for example, ‘Analyst’ or ‘Planner’ type profiles).

Then click on custom permissions / then edit as required.

Select the "Access_Sectorization_Validation" permission and move it across into the Enabled Custom Permissions section.

That’s all there is to it! From now on, only users with the target user profile will be able to validate the sectorization.

The operation can also be applied via the permission set groups function.

To keep the sectorization without sending it to Salesforce, click on Save the sectorization. You will be able to reopen it in Sectorization > Define a perimeter > Open a sectorization to continue working on it.

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