Programming an automated batch geocoding event

Basic principles

Programming an Automated Batch Geocoding event allows the user to have their objects updated at all times in the application. This geocoding is planned so it will be repeated at regular intervals with a particular frequency (monthly, weekly, daily, …) and over a defined period of time.

Installation requirements

Before you can automate execution of a Batch Geocoding, you will need to perform a matching operation to associate localised objects with one another via the ADMINISTRATION tab > Located objects mapping. Effectively, this mapping operation by which objects are put into correspondence allows you to specify which fields in the database will be used to geocode addresses. It is on the basis of this mapping operation that geocoding will be applied to the objects of interest (Accounts, Contacts, Leads).


> Salesforce Setup tab > Platform tools > Custom code > Apex Classes

Click on Schedule Apex

The following page displays:

Define a Job name and then click on the icon to select the Apex class as a function of the type of objects to be geocoded (Accounts, Contacts or Leads). The following window opens:

Click on the Names of objects for which geocoding is to be automated (here when geocoding Accounts, click on ScheduleGeocodeAccounts).

Next, define the scheduling parameters: frequency, execution date, start/end date, execution time. Then click on Save.

Geocoding is now programmed take place. To verify it has been set up correctly, remain in the Salesforce Setup tab > Jobs > Scheduled jobs

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