Perimeter definition

Basic principles

The Sectorization tab allows you to apply a geographic sectorization of accounts before running the optimization on the agendas. Each resource is therefore limited to visiting only those accounts present in their own geographic sector, and assigned to them.

The sectorization allows them to build balanced sectors by taking into account the geography (sector density) and business indicators.


The different types of objects manipulated in the search around function must have been geocoded beforehand.


Sectorization > Perimeter definition

The first step is to choose the perimeter for the sectorization, that is:

  • Objects: select the type of object to distribute between the various resources (accounts, contacts, leads)
  • Filter: select a map view containing the type of objects to sectorize
  • Sector field: select the field containing the name of the owner of the object
  • Indicators: select the indicators to balance the sectors, or to view in the table (TO, number of employees…)
  • Filter to display users on the map: select a user view to choose which resources to display on the map (as square symbols)

You can add indicators that will not serve to actually balance the sectors, but will be useful for the purpose of viewing balances between sectors (for example, number of employees).

Click on Open a sectorization to open a sectorization that has been saved previously.

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