Next slot

> Opti-Time tab > Next visit slot
Important note: When you select Optimize a route and an Account object, you can display an account of your choice on the map, select it, and then make quick changes to the account.
To these action choices, we have added Next visit slots.
Clicking on it, the resource (the account owner) will access a list of 5 suggested appointments.
On validation, the selected slot is displayed in the resource’s calendar.
These visit slots are calculated taking the following criteria into account:
  • Resource start and arrival points
  • Resource working day start and end times.

    • If no event is currently scheduled in the calendar, the start and end time for the resource’s working day are used for the calculation.
    • In the event that any meetings, calls or other events are already planned, the resource’s working day start and end times are not taken into account, to allow maximum flexibility.
  • The visit duration.
  • The visit frequency and minimum inter-visit time period. Note that if no time interval between visits is configured in the account, a minimum default time period will nonetheless be calculated by the tool.

This slot suggestion function is only valid for ‘account’ objects.

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