Manage the optimisations history

Basic principles 

Once you have defined the optimization perimeter, and once the optimization calculation has been tracked and finished, the History tab serves to:

  • manage the history all optimizations 
  • display the summary of optimizations that have been finished or accepted 
  • accept an optimization from its summary to create events in the agendas of the resources concerned 
  • refuse an optimization that yields an unsatisfactory result
  • analyse the accounts ignored by the optimization


Geo-scheduling tab > History

The History tab allows you to display the list of optimizations executed in the past. You can then display the summary, to see which accounts (if any) have been ignored and the cause of their rejected optimization, to accept or refuse the results of each optimization and to manage the history:

Manage the browsing history

All optimizations with a status of Finished, Accepted, or Refused can be deleted thanks to the Delete finished optimizations button located at the bottom left of the list of optimizations. Optimizations with an Started status can be deleted one by one using the Action button. Use the screw icon to configure columns present in the table, for best possible display of your optimizations.

 All simulations are definitively deleted from the history and cannot be re-used, so their results will no longer be available to be accepted and used to create events in the agendas of the resources concerned.  

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