Install an Opti-Time for Salesforce update

Basic principles

Opti-Time for Salesforce software updates are made available at regular intervals. They are published directly on the AppExchange site.
When you click on the link to Update your installed version of the software (GEO, TOUR or OPTIM), you automatically run the procedure for updating the software package deployed. 


When you update your version of Opti-Time, make sure you apply the update of the Geo package even if you actually have the Tour or Optim versions installed. 
Below is the procedure to follow, depending on the version you have installed on your system:

  • if your version is the Geo version, you will always need to install ONLY updates published for the Geo package
  • if your version is the Tour version, first proceed with the installation of the Geo package  and then continue to install the Tour package update  
  • if your version is the Optim version,first proceed with the installation of the Geo package  and then continue directly to install the Optim package update.

Installation from the AppExchange

> AppExchange > Opti-Time for Salesforce (Geo, Tour or Optim)

From the AppExchange site, select the Opti-Time for Salesforce package you wish to update.   

Click next on Get it Now !

Now click on the type of installation you require:

  • Install in production environment if you wish to update your production environment directly
  • Install in Sandbox if you wish to test the new version on a copy of your production environment 
  • Install as a new free trial if you want to test the new version in a new trailling environment to evaluate the new version with sample or test data

Installing in your current production environment 

If installing in your current production environment, click on the Install in production button. A section then appears in the window indicating that the provider of this app is not Salesforce.

Check the I have read and agree to the terms and conditions check-box, having first read them, by clicking on the link provide, and then click on Confirm and install:

Follow through with this article so that the installation procedure starts, or you can launch this step directly if you start from the correct package download link (for example, when this is sent via an email announcing the release of the new version). 

Installing via a download link from the application Home Page   

> Link for a version update

When you click on the Opti-Time for Salesforce version update link, and once connected to Salesforce with the ID authentication details for your organisation, the following interface displays and prompts you to update Opti-Time for Salesforce on the chosen package.   

  • Installation for administrators
  • Installation for all user types
  • Installation for user profiles, to be specified subsequently

Under the version number, you will find a link to the publication notes that can also be accessed here.

Once the type of installation required has been chosen, click on the install  button.

If you are installing an update for the Geo package, the following window then opens and proposes validating the authorisation for access to third party web sites needed for the correct functioning of Opti-Time for Salesforce (for example, map services, services for searching points of interest or route calculation):

This window does not appear when installing the Tour and Optim packages.

Once the check-box has been checked, click on Continue.

The installation starts, and a processing-in-progress icon displays to show that it is in progress:

As the installation may take anything up to minute, a last window may indicate that you will receive a confirmation mail once the procedure for installing the update has completed.   

Once the installation of the software has completed, you will receive an email at the address associated to the account, and for which the subject headline is: "Opti-Time for Salesforce has been successfully installed".

The body of the message is as follows:

Votre requête d''installation du package "Opti-Time for Salesforce Geo 2.5" a réussi.

Organisation : undefined (00D20000000...) Utilisateur :  [Nom d'utilisateur] (00520000003...) Package : Opti-Time for Salesforce (04tw0000000...)

Certains composants, tels que les objets personnalisés, les types de rapports personnalisés et les règles de workflow, 
doivent être activés à l'aide du processus de déploiement de package avant d'être disponibles pour votre organisation.

Returning to the web interface installation, a message displays to confirm that installation is complete. Click then on the Completed button:

The Installed packages page displays and lists, among other things, the updated version of Opti-Time for Salesforce:  

You can then proceed to run and exploit your new installed version of Opti-Time for Salesforce.

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