Geolocating or geocoding an account or contact



Geocoding is the way we analyse postal addresses of accounts and contacts to identify their geographic location in terms of geographic map coordinates. This means associating a pair of X and Y coordinates to the contact or account address so it can be shown on a map.   



When you create a new account or a new contact manually, the geographic localisation for the address is performed by clicking on Localise once the new element has been saved.   

A geographic localisation is suggested in a window or an infobox depending on the configuration set up for the application by the user.   

In the event that the address submitted has no exact match, choose the address that best corresponds to it from the suggestions listed.   

In the example below, the geocoding wizard suggests 9 RUE DE CHAMPIGNY 94370 SUCY-EN-BRIE for an address input as 9 RUE DE CHAMPIGNON 94370 SUCY-EN-BRIE:

Click on the map marker to the right of the address suggested to view its precise position on the map. If the map position suggested is correct, click on the address and then on Save. If the map position suggested is not exact, drag-and-drop the map marker directly into the map to improve or fine tune its position, and then click on Save to store the new geographic position for the address. 

You can also view the address in Google Street View.

In the example below, geocoding is suggested in a dedicated window and not in popup mode. The geocoding assistant suggests 52 avenue Aristide Briand 92220 Bagneux as the address entered as 52 Aristide Briand 92220 Bagneux :

The way the geocoding module behaves can be redefined in the Administration tab.

Find out more about the geocoding function in popup mode or dedicated window mode in the Administration section under Opti-Time for Salesforce Help.   

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