Geocoding resources

Basic principles

Before you can optimise your routes, you will need to define and geocode the address of resources who may be assigned to visit your accounts, and then configure the constraints relating to each resource. This step is an essential precursor to geoscheduling.  

This step consists essentially of the following:

  • define the address of one or several resources
  • geocode this address so it can be localised on a map

These actions can be defined:

  • on one resource in particular
  • on a selection of resources, or on all resources  


Human Resources tab

The Human Resources tab allows you to define the address of each resource and to geocode this address, as well as to define the geoscheduling options, describing the typical or standard week in terms of working hours or breaks, as well as nights away.  

Enter and geocode the address of one or several resources

To enter and geocode the address of one or several resources:

  1. Select the Human Resources tab to list all resources available for geoscheduling
  2. Select the resource or resources to geocode (in Action, those that have not been geocoded will be visible as their Localize button is in blue).
  3. Click on Modify to open the resource configuration window:

The resource configuration window comprises two sections:

  • the Information section allows you to define and geocode the address of the resource or resources,  

  • the Week section defines the parameters for the typical week of one or several resources. Refer to the relevant help section to find out how to Define resource constraints.

  1. The following address information can be entered:

    • Address: the postal address on its own, or the full address (with town, postal code...)
    • City: the name of the town
    • Postal code: the postal code
    • State/Province: the name of the region or province (optional) 
    • Country: the name or the two-character ISO code for the country (entering this is recommended to prevent address duplicates or duplicate names of towns in two different countries)

    If addresses for resources have been entered in Salesforce, you can retrieve them automatically in this interface by clicking on "Modify" at least once. Contact details and information about the resource entered in Salesforce will upload in the form of each edited resource.

  1. Once the information have been entered, the Save button at the bottom right of the page, under the Week section, saves the information.   
  2. Once the information has been saved, the Geocode button at the bottom right of the section geocodes the address for the resource or resources concerned. 
  3. A window then displays prompting you to click on the Search button. A validation of the address then displays, and offers a series of several choices, or the option to validate if required. 
  4. Finally the Save or Cancel buttons close the address geocoding dialogue.  

The address then displays on the map, situated under the address fields. Consult the section Manipulate the map of the geocoded resource below to find out how to use the map. 

Once geocoding has been applied, the Save button at the bottom right of the page, under the Week section, saves the information resulting from the geocoding for this resource.   

The Back to the list of users link at the bottom left of the week options allows you to return to the list of resources.  

Manipulate the map of the geocoded resource

Opti-Time for Salesforce adds a mapping display module to each resource's form that allows you to localise the resource precisely.  

The map is interactive, so you can easily:

  • zoom-in, zoom-out using the mouse wheel and pan the map by clicking-and-dragging in the map;
  • with the Layers icon at the bottom right of the map:

    • display the map background of your choice (Map, Satellite, Terrain
    • display the road traffic status (Traffic conditions
    • display public transport networks (Public transport)
    • display any traffic incidents (Display traffic incidents


Click once on the map pin to display a popup, from which you can See on Street View the corresponding address:

Clicking on this link opens a Google Street View image in a new window.  

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