Geocoding events

Basic principles

Before you can optimise your routes, you will need to geolocate events linked to resources that already exist in the agenda, that need to be scheduled, so their location can be taken into account and routes can be geographically optimised. This step must be performed prior to geoscheduling.

This step consists essentially of

  • defining the address of one or several events that already exist
  • geocoding this address so it can be geolocated on a map

These actions can be defined:

  • on one particular event
  • on a selection of events, or all events together


Events tab

The Events tab handles geocoding of events.

To geocode an event click on the Modify link in the table listing the events for the period and for the selected resource(s).

To geocode several events, select the relevant check-boxes for the events to geocode, and then click on the Modify button above the list to access the editing window.  

The editing window for the event(s) then displays and allows you to geocode the address:

To geocode the address of one or several events, you should:

  1. enter the address in the dedicated field:
  • Address: the post code or complete address (including the name of the town and the post code...)
  • City: the name of the town
  • Postal code: post code
  • State/Province: the region or area name (optional) 
  • Country: the name of the country or the two-character ISO code for the country (entry of this item is recommended to avoid duplicates of the address or the name of the town in two different countries)  
  1. Once the information has been entered, use the Search button to run the geocoding  
  2. An address validation window opens and prompts the user to select various options, or validate the address submitted as necessary
  3. Once the address has been validated, it displays on the map

The address displays on the map located under the address fields. Refer to the section called Manipulate the map of the geocoded resource below to find out how to use the map.

  1. Finally, use the Save or Cancel buttons to close the window for editing the geocoded event:

Manipulate the map of the geocoded resource

Opti-Time for Salesforce adds a mapped display module to each event form to give the precise geolocation. 

The map is interactive, so you can easily:

  • zoom-in or out using the mouse wheel, and move around the map using click-and-drag in the map;
  • using the Layers icon at the bottom right of the map, you can:

    • display your preferred map background (Map, Satellite, Terrain)
    • display the road traffic status (Traffic conditions)
    • display the public transport network (Public transports)
    • display any traffic incidents (Display traffic incidents)


Click on a map pin to display the infobox. From this popup you can see the corresponding address in See on Street View:

Click on this link to open a Google Street View in a new window:

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