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Operating principle

The creation of data is, with import, a way of enriching the referential used in Opti-Time for Salesforce. It allows you to create – in the application – accounts or contacts with their associated data, and among them, the address that will allow their geographic localisation (geocoding) and then their utilisation in the whole of the application.   

An account is an organisation, a company or a consumer that you would like to track, for example, a customer, a partner, or a competitor.

Contacts are the people associated to your accounts.   


> Accounts / Contacts tabs > Create New...

You can enter your accounts or contacts one by one by manually filling all the fields necessary to the creation of a new account or contact. In the Accounts or Contacts page (tab), a drop-down button called Create New… located at the top left allows you to run the account creation wizard for contacts or other objects:   

A form for inputting data associated to the account to be created then displays. Enter the data and then click on Save, or Save and New if you wish to create another account:

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