Calculate a route

Basic principles

Opti-Time for Salesforce allows you to perform route calculations between several points such as contacts, leads or points of interest located around a previously defined reference point, and then display the results of this calculation in a map and manually re-order the stops on a route.  


The various object types manipulated in the search around must have been geocoded beforehand. Consult the relevant Help item to find out how to localise/geocode an account/contact or geocode several accounts/contacts.


> Opti-Time tab  > Optimise a route

The Optimise a route tab offers to calculate a route between several points selected beforehand according to their proximity via the route around a previously defined reference  point.  

Choosing the reference point

The choice of the point serving as reference for the search around must be made beforehand in the Search an address tab. Refer to the relevant Help item describing how to search for an address, account, contact, lead or my position. 

Configure the search around

The Search around enables selection of a group of points located around a reference point, in the Search around tab. Refer to the Help item describing search around.

Calculate an itinerary between the accounts/contacts selected by the search

Once the objects searched for around a point of reference have been defined, switch into the Optimise a route tab. A route is automatically calculated between the points to visit. You can change the sequence of stops along the route by moving the infoboxes present to the right of the screen (using drag-and-drop).  
 The Optimise button present on the screen illustration above is accessible in the Tour and Optim versions of Opti-Time for Salesforce. It is not available in the Geo version. 
You can also add a new stop to the route.   
  • by entering a new address or by selecting an account/contact from the bar and clicking on the Add stop button. 
  • directly from the map by clicking on the map pin associated to a visit and then clicking on the + stop button. In this case, the stop is duplicated: this will allow you to define a start and finish point that are identical.
  • directly from the map, by running a search around from an account/contact and then clicking on the candidate found of your choice (purple coloured map pin) and then on the + stop button.  

Using the map

The map is interactive. You can easily:

  • zoom-in, zoom-out using the mouse wheel and pan the map using click-and-drag in the map:  
  • using the Layers icon at the bottom right of the map:

    • display the map background of your choice (Map, Satellite, Terrain
    • display the status of the traffic network (Traffic conditions)  
    • display the public transport network (Public transport)
    • display traffic incidents (Display traffic incidents)


Click once on the map pin to display an infobox. From this infobox you can view in See on Street View the corresponding address.  

Click once on this link to open a Google Street View display in a new window.   

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