Apply a colour condition to map markers on the map

Basic principles

Map data can be made more readable in the map, with conditional presentation rules applied to map markers. In the example above, accounts with a value of Hot in the Account Type field are represented by a red map pin, those with a value of Cold are represented by a blue map pin, and those with a value of Warm are shown as pink map pins. Several conditional colors can be configured, the choice of display is made using the slide bar (here, Account source contains a display that is conditioned by another data item).


Before colors can be applied to map markers denoting accounts or contacts in the map, they must be geocoded. Consult Opti-Time online Help to see how you can geocode a series of accounts or contacts.   



Opti-Time for Salesforce allows you to color map markers depending on the value contained in a field. To do this:   

1.   In the Administration module, activate the Results layout tab

2.   The Map marker color in the map section allows you then to configure each color so it is conditional to the value contained in a class, a field, an operator, and a value:

There are three ways to configure the color of a map marker:  

  • color the marker according to a single-field, single criterion condition (one condition on a single field)  
  • color the marker according to a single-field, bi-criterion condition (two conditions on a single field) 

  • color the marker according to a multi-field condition, single or multiple criteria (one or two conditions, on two, or maximum three fields)

For each color to be added, proceed as follows:

1.   Choose or create the Color range to indicate to which variable the colored map pin refers. All colors applied with a same color range will be displayed simultaneously on the map and in the legend.

2.   Choose a Field category so that you can pre-filter the list of fields to which the chosen color will be applied  

3.   Next choose the Operator

4.   Type the Value of the field to color

5.   Finally, click in the cell provided for choosing a map marker Color to apply for this association of field / operator / value

6.   If you wish to add a second condition that will apply on the same field, click on the [+] icon next to the Operator and repeat steps 4 and 5. Only those objects that fulfill both conditions (condition 1 AND condition 2) will be colored in the chosen color.  

7.   If you wish to add a second or third field, click on the [+] icon next to the Category concerned, and repeat steps 2 to 6.  

8.  Finally, click on the control to select the Map marker color to apply for this association of category / field / operator / value  

9.  Click next on the Add button to validate the conditional coloring  

10.  Repeat the operation as many times as needed to define all the colors to apply.

Blue is the color applied to map markers by default on the map. If certain objects do not correspond to any condition defined in the administration module, the default color will be applied in the map for the objects concerned.  

A table displayed at the bottom of the screen recaps on the colors applied:

To delete a conditional color, check the check-box beside the color to delete, and then click on Delete.   

When you have finished, click on Save at the top right of the screen.   

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