Configure the Sectorization tab

Basic principles

The Sectorization tab allows you to take into account distances between one customer and another so the workload can be balanced (visit duration + travel duration).

Minimum requirement

A field must be created to begin with in your customer accounts for the purpose of storing the travel time uploaded by the functionality.


> Administration tab  > Sectorization tab

To calculate the average travel time, you need to:

  1. Select the type of object to configure: account, contact...
  2. Choose the field in which to store the average travel time that will be uploaded once configuration is complete
  3. Choose the view that contains the objects for which you want to upload the travel time (for example, My team’s accounts)
  4. Specify the number of objects to find around (for example: 20)
  5. Define the view of objects on which to apply a search around operation (for example: my team’s accounts)

For each account, the functionality will upload the travel times between My team’s 20 accounts that are nearest to an account, and create an average based on this data. The further this point is from the other points, the higher the corresponding travel time will be, since it is itself an isolated point. You can also upload the distances to be travelled to reach Gold customers in relation to Bronze customers, to estimate the cost incurred by a journey to visit this type of Gold customer, knowing that you will be able to fit in visits to Bronze customers at the same time. A Gold customer with a very high travel time will most likely be located in an isolated zone.

Click on Validate to run the processing operation: he field is filled and can be used during the sectorization notably, as a balancing indicator.

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