Administration - Located objects mapping tab


The Administration tab in Opti-Time for Salesforce allows the user Administrator to configure the Opti-Time for Salesforce application and define default optimisation parameters.

The Located objects mapping  tab in the administration section of Opti-Time for Salesforce declares fields for each type of object (Accounts, Contacts, Leads...) useful for geolocating or geocoding (address, localisation). 


> ADMINISTRATION tab > Located objects mapping tab

The Located objects mapping tab sets up the fields storing address or localisation data for all object types manipulated subsequently in Opti-Time for Salesforce. Here you can configure their localisation, geocoding and utilisation in all search around and route calculation operations….

For each object type, you can define how the following fields are mapped:

  • Street
  • Postal code  
  • City
  • State/Province
  • Country
  • Geolocalisation

The configuration is applied in the following manner:   

1.   Select the Custom object to link. This object may be an Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity type object, or any other custom object available in the application.

2.   For each field, define its corresponding field in the list. 

When you have finished defining or modifying optimisation parameters, click on Save at the top right of the screen.   

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