Administration – Providers tab


The Administration section in Opti-Time for Salesforce serves to configure the Opti-Time for Salesforce application and customise the default display and content of certain fields.

The Providers tab in Opti-Time for Salesforce sets access parameters for the geographic data provider for the application.  



In the Providers tab you will be able to use your activation key for geographic web and optimisation services.

When you use Opti-Time for Salesforce in a Salesforce application for the first time, please contact the GEOCONCEPT technical support team to receive your activation key linked to your account. Just send us an email at and remember to specify your organisation ID number indicated in the General tab.
The next time you log in, you will find the activation key has been automatically filled in for you.

Select the geographic zone on which to display your data. This zone can be defined as common to all users or specific to each user.

To assign a user-specific zone, click on the radio button and then click on the Configure button for a zone to assign users to it.

Select the users to assign to the zone by moving them to the right using the arrows.

When you have finished, click on Save at the top right of the screen.  

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