Administration – Batch Geocoding tab

Basic principles

The Administration tab in Opti-Time for Salesforce allows the Administrator user to configure Opti-Time for Salesforce and customise the default display and content of certain fields.

The Batch Geocoding tab, in the Administration tab of Opti-Time for Salesforce, handles batch geocoding on addresses of objects that are to be used by the application. Geocoding the data required by the application is essential before it can be exploited in Opti-Time for Salesforce. Geocoding can be performed on individual objects or on a group of objects from a map view, or from the administration tab. 

Configuration requirement

Before running a batch geocoding operation, you will need to run the map geolocated objects command via ADMINISTRATION tab > Located objects mapping. This pre-mapping operation allows you to specify which fields in the database are to be used for geocoding addresses. This mapping operation will condition the geocoding that is applied to addresses being handled (Accounts, Contacts, Leads).



The Batch Geocoding tab handles global geocoding operations on specified batches of objects (Accounts, Contacts, Leads). It also provides – after geocoding – a summary table of how many addresses have been successfully geocoded, as compared with the number of addresses handled.   

The Default country for geocoding must be defined before geocoding can proceed.

Beside each object family available for geocoding (Accounts, Contacts, Leads) there is an option to Filter objects to geocode in a drop-down list giving access to existing views on these objects. 

Once the filter has been applied, click on the Geocode button to run the batch geocoding. Once the button has been activated, a task is added to the list at the bottom of the page and its status is updated each time a refresh action is performed.   

The Refresh button allows you to update the results displayed, as well as the table showing the list of tasks located at the bottom of the page (and displaying, notably, the status of each geocoding operation that is run). This functionality is useful if new accounts/contacts /leads have been geocoded, or if any geocoding operations have been run manually by users.

A batch geocoding operation may take a considerable length of time to execute, depending on the number of addresses to geocode. The time taken will vary according to the volume of addresses to geocode, and may take several minutes if some tens or hundreds of thousands of addresses are to be geocoded. 

At the bottom of the screen, a Batch jobs list describes the different geocoding processes and their associated information items (status, object, total number of tasks, completed tasks, creation date, end date, total, success, errors, Salesforce errors, status details). A button has been allocated to Delete finished geocodes from the list. A purge of geocoding tasks completed more than 7 days ago is also applied automatically by the application.   

In the event of a Salesforce error during the geocoding, (linked, for example, to a formatting rule that has not been respected on fields used for the geocoding), the status of a batch geocoding task is automatically updated. 

When you have finished, click on Save at the top right of the screen.   

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