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    Opti-Time for Salesforce adds geographical intelligence
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    Geographical optimization is key to the optimal organization of mobile teams. It procures productivity gains of 10 to 30 %.

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The field service management app in the Cloud

Mapping the customer portfolio

Geographical Business Intelligence, location and enrichment of the contact database, targeting of activities.

Commercial sectoring

Balance the geographical distribution of territories between sales executives for a given client portfolio. Automated or assisted reassignment of client accounts.

Route optimization 

Optimized call sequencing, route calculation.


Optimization of mobile team schedules, inclusion of business constraints, optimized appointment booking.

The power of geo-optimization

Geographical intelligence helps to optimize your mobile teams: 

  • Mastery of geography
  • Multi-constraint optimization
  • Real-time appointment booking
  • Automatic schedule reorganization
  • Activity management

Cut your costs by 10 to 30%, improve your customer service and limit your environmental impact.

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Opti-Time for Salesforce, GEOCONCEPT's field service management application

100% integrated within the Salesforce © environment, Opti-Time for Salesforce enables decision-makers and operational staff to access powerful geo-optimization features: mapping the client portfolio, route optimization and geo-planning of sales appointments and technical callouts.

Inclusion of numerous business factors, perfect integration with the Salesforce environment, rapid processing of large volumes of data... Opti-Time for Salesforce delivers exceptional performance and a unique user experience.

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Discover the Opti-Time for Salesforce application

The following use our solutions:

“Geo-optimization guarantees optimal reliability of C Chez Vous delivery schedules”
Casino Group
Scheduling ensures that customers enjoy the shortest customer service response times in the market, throughout France.”
Previously, an assistant was making between 30 and 40 appointments per day. Today, thanks to geo-optimization, an assistant can schedule between 80 or even 120 appointments per day.